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Tech Schedule 

Wednesday (today) June 8 1pm-4pm 

-Paint with Liz. 


Saturday, June 11 10am-6pm

-Finish all from the 7th as need be. Construct super structure rolling base, magic carpet and doors for SL/SR walls. Trim all luan to size and install.  


Monday, June 13 2pm-7pm

-Complete from days before and mostly a paint day. Paint paint paint.


Wednesday, June 15 2pm-8pm

-ALL unfinished Aladdin work. If done, begin extra Something Rotten work.  


Thursday June 16 2pm-6pm

-Continue all touch ups.  


Saturday, June 18 1pm-7pm

-ALL ALADDIN WORK MUST BE  COMPLETE!! Complete if not. If so, continue Something Rotten work.  

Dance Videos 

Theater Lights

Friend Like Me 

Click here for dance.

Lower quality video. Working on getting better quality.

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